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Below are examples of beaded animals and arrangements that Carla has made. They make a wonderful and undying addition to brighten any room in your home or office all year around.
Many years ago Carla branched out in her flower beading artistry, after she noted that the creature side of nature also has many beautiful and colorful things that can be appreciated by the eye. Beaded Angel Reef
Beaded Flowers -  Angelfish and Coral
Arnold The Armadillo
Beaded Flowers - Arnold The Armadillo
Lorikeet on Waratah Flowers
Beaded Flowers - Beaded Lorikeet and Waratah
Frilled lizard
Frilled lizard
Beaded Flowers -  Bumble Bee
Beaded Frog
The art of beaded flowers began around the 15th century, in the courts of the European aristocracy. Peasants would gather and save discarded beads and wire from dressmakers. They would then use the beads and wire to make flowers for beaded floral arrangements. These arrangements were then sold as altar sprays for churches, bridal bouquets, and burial wreaths for the wealthy. Bouquets of this era still exist in castles and homes today. Honey Bee
Beaded Flowers -  Bumble Bee

 Eastern Box Turtles

Eastern Box Turtles

Chinese Dragon Lamp on Light Pole

dragon face finished


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