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Sold Pieces

Carla's finished art pieces have been shown and sold worldwide. She has been a Featured Artist at Art Galleries in Arizona, Chicago, New York City and has displayed and sold pieces through the International Market place in Los Angeles, California. Below are some of the pieces that Carla has sold through out the years, to many happy customers worldwide.
Anniversary Roses
Beaded Flowers - Anniversary Roses
Amaryllis Apple Blossom
Beaded Flowers - Amaryllis Apple Blossom
Columbine with Hummingbird and Mushroom
Beaded Flowers - Columbine with Hummingbird and Mushroom
Autumn Bonsai
Beaded Flowers - Autumn Bonsai
Old Man Bonsai
Beaded Flowers - Old Man Bonsai
Weeping Willow Bonsai
Beaded Flowers - Weeping Willow Bonsai
Magnolia Wall Hanging
Beaded Flowers - Magnolia Wall Hanging
Large Sunflower in Bottle
Beaded Flowers - Large Sunflower in Bottle
Friendship on wood
Beaded Flowers - Friendship on wood
Pansy Orchid on Wood
Beaded Flowers - Pansy Orchid on Wood
Lady Slipper Orchid
Beaded Flowers - Lady Slipper Orchid
Cacti Sewing Kit
Beaded Flowers - Cacti Sewing Kit
Round Net Frog in Raku
Round Net Frog in Raku
Mother's Swan
Beaded Flowers - Roses in Mother's Swan
Bird of Paradise
Beaded Flowers - Bird of Paradise
Rustic Low Frog in Raku
Rustic Low Frog in Raku
Calypso Bulbosa
Beaded Flowers - Calypso Bulbosa
Rocky Raccoon and the Dragonfly
Beaded Flowers - Rocky Raccoon and the Dragonfly
Crystal Roses
Beaded Flowers - Crystal Roses
Twisted Guardian
Beaded Flowers - Twisted Guardian Bonsai
Old Tales Cypress
Beaded Flowers - Old Tales Cypress Bonsai
Laelia Purpurata Orchid
Beaded Flowers - Laelia Purpurata Orchid
Celtic Steins
Celtic Steins
Celtic Coffee Cups
Celtic Coffee Cups
Celtic Candle Holder
Celtic Candle Holder
Celtic Knot Bowl
Celtic Knot Bowl
Mindy's Mushroom
Beaded Flowers - Mindy's Mushroom
Clivia, Dad's Remembrance Bouquet
Beaded Flowers - Clivia, Dad's Remembrance Bouquet
Brook Trout
Beaded Brook Trout
Jo Anna's Fuchsia
Beaded Flowers - Jo Anna's Fuchsia

Eric’s Miniature Bonsai

Eric Bonsai 2013

Nick's Violets

Nicks Voilet

Mini Beaded Lamp Shade

mini beaded lamp shade 

Whimsical Turtle

Beaded Turtle Inset

Miniature Water Lily

Mini water lily


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