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The Artist behind Beaded Botanicals

A native Idahoan, born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Ms. Fluck has been working in earthenware professionally since 1975 and in French Flower beading since 1978. She began her career in the arts while living in Charleston, South Carolina by learning techniques of cast earthenware, working with low fire clays, and earthenware painting and glazing techniques.

In 1977 she returned to Idaho where she learned the techniques for French flower beading and beaded wire sculpture. While living in Hawaii in 1981, she was trained on the potter's wheel using both high and low fire clays. In 1982 she moved to Washington State where she managed and taught classes at an earthenware training school for three years. At that time she added porcelain casting and porcelain lace figurine draping to her array of skills. In 1995 she learned the technique of Raku glazing and firing. Once again returning to Idaho Falls in 1986, she established T'zMe UnLimited sculptured arts and in 2003 she established Beaded Botanicals.

Beaded Flowers - Beaded Angel Reef

Beaded Flowers - Study of Mums


Her finished art pieces have been shown and sold worldwide. She has been a Featured artist at Art Galleries in Arizona, Chicago, New York City and has displayed and sold pieces through the International Market place in Los Angeles, California.


She became a certified Teacher in low fire ceramics in 1990 through the Duncan certification program in Salt Lake City and received an Associate in Floral Arrangement and Design from Stratford Institute in 2001.

Notes from the Artist:

The art of beaded flowers began around the 15th century, in the courts of the European aristocracy. Peasants would gather and save discarded beads and wire from dressmakers. They would then use the beads and wire to make flowers for floral arrangements. These arrangements were then sold as altar sprays for churches, bridal bouquets, and burial wreaths for the wealthy. Bouquets of this era still exist in castles and homes today.

Though producing this art is very time consuming, the long life of every piece is well worth the care I put into producing them. I lace each petal larger than one inch with very fine wire to help hold it in shape and to increase the durability of the finished piece. My techniques allow me to hide the wire framework of each piece for added realism.

Beaded Flowers - A Study of Eucalyptus

The care and cleaning of these beaded flowers is easy and as carefree as they are beautiful. When dusty, simply spray them with a mild liquid degreaser or glass cleaner and rinse them off with water, letting them air-dry. Should an area of the plant need reshaping due to mishaps, simply hold the beaded petal between your thumb and fingers and gently mold the petals back into the desired position and shape. Many of my customers have commented on the almost meditative tranquility that they feel when they reshape or touch up their beaded flower piece.

In addition to the many finished examples of my work shown on Beaded Botanicals, I also welcome consignments for pieces of any size. Please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Carla Fluck


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